Mornin’.  At last a rain storm worthy of it’s great giving.  It may have made my poor little dog tremble, pee, and poo. AND, we so needed the rain on our parched Earth.

I had a long talk with a friend about ‘plans’, specifically…making plans that will secure a financially sound future.  Some may know I’m so good at that.  Without rambling on about it as it is an issue for many of us, I have to say that laying a plan is good and plan on the plan changing.

I’m not of the mind that security is secure, and that saving for a rainy day allows for living well in the present.  It’s always about choice and what feels good and right for you. IMO…  At this point in my life, I live as much in the Be Here NOw as I can and pray I make wise choices as I enter the Winter of my life.

Inequality shames plans made

there is little in a well made plan

when dollars rule the destination


There is no living well without dollars

That is the sense of the cents theses days

It’s not far away being without


To live on the edges requires finesse

The reach is too far and high before the tumble

We stay busy making balance our center


It’s always been the Center I seek

Well made plans stretch past the Now

into an unpredictable future of want


Can’t worry about what isn’t yet to be

Only, worry trembles in the brush outside

I bless it and will it to leave my pathway


It’s impossible to know the outcome

Or live in the outcome, or hold the outcome

as if it made a difference in living


I roll into the Be Here Now cause really

That’s all I got and REally…

It keeps me Centered, breathing, Loving





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