My silence got loud.

A real loud inner voice

clawing at my ignoring.

Slappin’ me around like

nobodies business rattlin’

my cage


“Get Movin’!”  GET MOVIN’!”

Not like I never heard that

one before right?  NOt like

that’s somethin’ new to me

when silence gets invited

into my cage.


I slip out at night running

like hell through the forests

and skies of my dreamin’.

Movin’ like crazy, movin’

like nobodies business

cage free


All that green and wind

whippin’ around me freely.

All up in the real good in the

not so silent scape of my

night’s run working the day out

of fear’s cage


Movin’ it while you’re awake

and the body’s hungry to get going.

That’s the trick to push out between

the bars of limitation in all that

hurts and the voice says “no way man.”

The clank of the cage door


Damn, if I don’t move it

if I don’t move it

if I don’t move it

pushing through the bars

at night livin’ the dream

all caged up by day


That is no Way to go.






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