take it

Doors open to let in the the ‘cool’ morning air.  At last relief from the heat.  Air conditioner down at the salon.  Hopefully, it gets fixed tomorrow.  And then… who knows if the problem is hideous or a something easy.  I will imagine it cheap n’ easy and maybe that will be so.  Not gonna be easy to get someone in to fix it, and I have my trusty Ricky to give me a helping hand.  Yippee Skippy!



There was no selfishness in the act

of taking what wasn’t hers to take

It was there, waiting to be took


Took it she did all casual like

it was hers and nobody better

think anything more or less


Less you point a finger at her

and call her on her taking

what had been there waiting


Waiting for her in the obvious

act of her taking it head held high

making it hers by association


Association to the belonging

of It left neglected for nearly forever

and that seemed a terribly long time


Time to claim it and make it hers

so she did cause the magic of it

glittered for her and no one else


Else you think otherwise and you

saw the sparkle and glow of its call

fearing retribution you left it to be


Be left to dull and be made useless

for another forever after and after

Not her, oh no, she felt it, and took it


It was hers waiting there prickling

humming quietly for her ears

Strumming the key to her heart


A Heart open sees what closed can’t

She took it knowing what to do with it

a Host to for it to meld its mystery


Mystery is like that when magic

has its way to open the heart and eyes

for the taking with out any guilt


Guilt has no place to be in the rightness

of an act of taking what is there to take

in the glitter and charm of goodness


Goodness surrounds her, all words

that flow from her mouth, all light that

emanates from her body speak


Speak to your soul in the love of

Lightness and laughter’s song

and all she did was notice to take it


It was hers for the taking so she did












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