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there is pain in attachment.

the hope that outcome holds joy

and the journey embraces

all that is good for the heart


then a ‘no-go’ slams the heart.

the journey is held at bay

when the sea of feeling is

a tidal wave in your throat


and after the gag and swallow,

the sea pours out of your eyes

and the salty dry of them

lays white powder everywhere


you didn’t see the tsunami coming

there was no knowing in the chant

of the acappella  dissidence made

right in the wrong of it


that there is perfect to be found

in the imperfection of one ear

to the other ear singing as if

heart is the only matter


A salty white mask of death

requires a dive into the ocean

to wash clean rejection’s hurt

and leave attachment to the waves


In the ‘no-go’ that is gone

and a place for a new song to sing

is made fresh to the wind and sand

Where all is good under the heavens


And the heart has no fear of lonely

and all voice is for the giving

and receiving…




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