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I thought I had profundities to share

A quick slick of words in a tumble

with a  Friday that comes to thirteen

and the jitter of superstition catches

a likely Solar Flare blast


If it can it will tingle your antenna

joggle your radio waves, over stimulate

your brain sense in a befuddlement

of ‘Did I really say that?” and has

early dementia cheesed my brain


Live in the metaphor and you’ll

ride this one out like all the rest of

the cosmic Alliance that pours halos

of Light for your enlightenment

giving a yippee for a few Solar flares


In an expletive of exclamation marks

with hope that some of us will ‘get it’,

in the meaning we are all together

on this pretty Earth, forgetting we

are All together, coo-coo-Cachu


My space-sub is electric blue

ready for take off when I really

believe it can, wearing my halo of

Light and Love beanie style cause

the whir of twirling love on top is cool


And I hope to be real cool as I

flare up with the Sun and let my

gaseous nature send me forth out into

the Cosmos in my little electric blue

space-sub all Light n’ Love eternal


and first…I need to hug a tree

Care to join me?








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