ALIEN INVASION… cross your fingers

view from airplane near Grand Canyon

I’ve been waiting for them …

could they be anymore alien

than you and me?


Appearances are misgiving

given an appearance can

give you a miss in the give


No matter what you think

you saw or see on the surface

is like any other story


you make up cause you can

and your brain needs you to

make sense of what you see


Make sense of all those feelings

struck in the awe of differences

and in Holy shit what is that?


We’re pretty alien if seen

from a certain perspective

I’m sure of that


They’re here. Always have been

only I want the space ships

and all the cosmic fanfare


with all the “oh My God”

and “It’s about time” and

“Look at that shit”,


Rolling off the lips of

the believers and the non-

believers cause their close now


Starfleet captains all hail

the way to Earth hovering

in the mystified zone


Hoping our limited 3D world

catches up for the receiving

Cause brothers and sisters


Their revelation is upon us

and my childhood stare and

wish out into the Universe


Is at last to be qualified and

quantified in the big Yippee

“They’re Here.”




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