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Not portage lake… could be. pretend.

Laziness in this morning’s waking

Early mind invasion muffled with

deep breathing, that saves the a.m.

Seeking a deeper layer of REMs


Calling dreams to attention

for a sub-conscious slip in.

Always looking for the lucid

symbols in disconnection.


Sorting what didn’t get sorted

on that lazy boat ride anchored

in Portage Lake with a gaggle

of chirp and fluffed up feathers


Letting the sun and the big drink

hold to the peace of the day in the float

Intersecting minds lay gentle

a breeze of tender connection


Remembering what matters and

what doesn’t in the mix of lettuce

and bright red tomatoes in the

lemon zest of slick oil salted


It didn’t matter that the slide back

into deep sleep held no dreaming.

Of the tell of fortunes on a lazy lake

held in the vast Stargate of heaven.


Planets align as they may to say

what they will if we’re listening

to the heart beat of our Milky Way

ever ready to share it’s mystery


Living the dream in the float

of the big drink, under the sky

scape being the Sun’s companion

letting life hold me just right

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