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Gamornin’… it’s frickin’ hot… in case you didn’t know… Ha..  I wish to laze on beach and play in the waves.  Oh..oops.  I have to work…Damn. Have a great day….

The Big Swelter of summer blaze

sears on for days and days

Drips of all us slide down breasts

and groin in the hot relentless

Waiting for the heat to break

it’s fever


Only sweat doesn’t feed the land

Suffocating dry leaches life

suffers the bloom of fruition for

a harvest giving up her feed

to wilt and death of drought

from Solar flare persist


And persist it will in this

Summer Swelter of 2012

when Earth finds her evolve

and global warming wails

her gloom at our insistence

of insidious taking.


And the drip of sweat slides

off our breasts and down our

groin, desperate to feed the land

anyway we can before nothing

is left for our pores to give

and the drink is gone


And the Earth rises up in

a tumble and roar to call forth

a shiver to shake us to our bones

in an upside down and goodbye

till the next time around finds

us all Awakened


Awake… Be Awake … Wake up


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