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mornin’… yawn and sippy that big ol’ cuppa Joe.  first day of Art Fair and the heat may… May ease up for those poor artists.  It’s a New Moon beginning early tomorrow in Cancer,  Here is a link to my favorite Astrology website giving some insight into this New Moon.  I think you can give it a click and get right on over there.



Moon Flower rising…

Dark night standing.

See what you want

from the inside out.

Pushing for release

of old habits that hold

hard to the lay it down

and the let it all go.


The body remembers

when the quake of want

shimmered and took

what it wanted in the

dark night’s hunger

Of the push to feel deep

coming together


It’s a dark night push

A New Moon rising

from the inside out

Give away the old habits

of lost yesterdays and

unknown tomorrows

Lay down with love

and let it all go

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