Magic.  Alchemy.  My morning fills up with thoughts of it.

Tingles that ripple like feathered wind

over skin with an of inhale of wet moss on

a forest floor with a hint of rose and puppy paw


Trees gather my heart beat as I take

the long path home through the woods land

Drumming the beat of my life in your soles


The lake begs for the cast of a pebble to make

a vortex pulse up and out for a wrinkle of story time

that splashes cool on my feet spiraling heart-ward


In the dive to deep where breath has no hold

and my slick body quivers for the longing

swim where waves of gossip bubble their giggle


And by blood is of all the fluid flow of dirt

and wind, rock and skin, death and life

molten earth and New moon night’s starlight


When the call of crow and hawk shape-shift me

to fill my vision with what is seen in the far away

as I glide serene in the soar through the big blue


Where Heaven’s song calls her celestial enchantment

of harmony and bliss as I wing my way to her chant.

An open vessel. For the Holy Grail has found me at last




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