Daily Archives: 20/07/2012


On a globe so vast in a Milky Way of

spiraled light within Infinity’s night

every speed of breath, every nature

of Nature is in the give and take in

the drown and the blaze, the wind and

the dirt of life and death


There is a steady breath to my EArth

in the sparkle of my spiral dance here

when ease lays itself across my land

and the busy of natures creatures

is welcome in the seasons of change

in green or spice, or winter white.


When the body of me welcomes change

inevitable to the breath and pulse of living

in the vast elements of all that shifts

to find its’ place next to you in the unexpected

rove of summer heat and the wait for moisture

in a draught waiting for the Spring to come


On a globe so vast

in a Milky Way

of spiraled Light

within Infinity’s night

Nature awakens.

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