body parts

Ann Arbor Art Fair… last day… Weather report…Super Duper.  I walked most of it over a couple of days.  It’s still tooo big for me to inhale it all and not get ruffled around by the mass of people.  And oh so wonderful to see some great art.  Very impressive.  I bought a fake tooth that looks like a real tooth.  Yes…. I did.


Dan Banda… artist

my mother’s gold tooth

I like body parts connected or not

I know it’s a strange thing and

that’s just the start


It’s not like I want any body n’ gore

If your parts are connected

Please keep them they’re yours


It’s when artist they make them

in detached singular form

Fingers, n’ eyeballs, just not yours


I might hang them on chains

to wear around my neck

little sterling ‘parts’ so cute what the heck


I even have a vagina, oh yes I do

well made in fine silver

YOu might want one too


Perhaps I’ll collect them gather them all up

put them all on one chain

make a whole person up


In little pieces of metal, clay and bone

all gathered strategically

around my neck they will go


I know you’re all jealous of my little parts

I think to day if it feels right

I’ll wear Dan BAnda’s sterling heart






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