Exposure.  letting in and giving deeper sharing.


Being seen beyond the facade

beyond the derma graphics

of life lived in technicolor

from story land


It’s all about the story in

the real and unreality

all tied together in layers

beyond the needled art.


The canvas fills up with

decades etched in spoken

passages, poetics of colored

symbols lay in silence


Some waking up to be shared

Most, a mystery to passerby’s

and the Unawakened wonder

in the Why of it


The visual drama spawns 

the curious, invites the brave

in for a closer view, pushes

away the fearful.


Adornment is like that

better found in a circus

or a museum, or in a cloister

off to the side being artists


Where safety lies in the

over here just far enough away

to stare and imagine what

lives under that skin






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