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Well golly gee.  It’s already the end of July.  HOw did that happen?  I know they say life goes by fast as you age and this is down right crazy…  I wasn’t kidding when I spoke to the hour only having 37 minutes and we don’t even ‘get it’.   Clearly, time is an illusive illusion.

No time like this time

when it seem there is no

time at all spoken in a

timely fashion in the tic

toc tic of time passing.


Isn’t it time to…. and

then maybe time got lost

during the timeless event

of Infinity’s wrap around

the clock squeezing the

minutes out of 60 seconds.


Time is needed to get things

done in the a lotted proposal

of the days filled with 24

hours of not much time left

I mean really…cut the time

thing out of living and

chase the minutes away.


Just don’t look at the mirror

while age crawls all over you

and inside you youth is

waging war on your hormones

in want and desires to keep

you breathing forever no matter

how gravity pulls you down.


Time will take you to ash

or de-solve cause thats what

living here does to the body

Time is a stalker so get

friendly with your Reaper

and let her show you how to

swing on that scythe


I vote for timelessness and the

body electric’s dance across

multiple Galaxies with no

limitations and infinite

possibilities on other worlds

of green and sky and

triple moons and purple

grass and the imagination’s

folly to shape shift anywhere

in no time at all.







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