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body parts

Ann Arbor Art Fair… last day… Weather report…Super Duper.  I walked most of it over a couple of days.  It’s still tooo big for me to inhale it all and not get ruffled around by the mass of people.  And oh so wonderful to see some great art.  Very impressive.  I bought a fake tooth that looks like a real tooth.  Yes…. I did.


Dan Banda… artist

my mother’s gold tooth

I like body parts connected or not

I know it’s a strange thing and

that’s just the start


It’s not like I want any body n’ gore

If your parts are connected

Please keep them they’re yours


It’s when artist they make them

in detached singular form

Fingers, n’ eyeballs, just not yours


I might hang them on chains

to wear around my neck

little sterling ‘parts’ so cute what the heck


I even have a vagina, oh yes I do

well made in fine silver

YOu might want one too


Perhaps I’ll collect them gather them all up

put them all on one chain

make a whole person up


In little pieces of metal, clay and bone

all gathered strategically

around my neck they will go


I know you’re all jealous of my little parts

I think to day if it feels right

I’ll wear Dan BAnda’s sterling heart






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On a globe so vast in a Milky Way of

spiraled light within Infinity’s night

every speed of breath, every nature

of Nature is in the give and take in

the drown and the blaze, the wind and

the dirt of life and death


There is a steady breath to my EArth

in the sparkle of my spiral dance here

when ease lays itself across my land

and the busy of natures creatures

is welcome in the seasons of change

in green or spice, or winter white.


When the body of me welcomes change

inevitable to the breath and pulse of living

in the vast elements of all that shifts

to find its’ place next to you in the unexpected

rove of summer heat and the wait for moisture

in a draught waiting for the Spring to come


On a globe so vast

in a Milky Way

of spiraled Light

within Infinity’s night

Nature awakens.

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Magic.  Alchemy.  My morning fills up with thoughts of it.

Tingles that ripple like feathered wind

over skin with an of inhale of wet moss on

a forest floor with a hint of rose and puppy paw


Trees gather my heart beat as I take

the long path home through the woods land

Drumming the beat of my life in your soles


The lake begs for the cast of a pebble to make

a vortex pulse up and out for a wrinkle of story time

that splashes cool on my feet spiraling heart-ward


In the dive to deep where breath has no hold

and my slick body quivers for the longing

swim where waves of gossip bubble their giggle


And by blood is of all the fluid flow of dirt

and wind, rock and skin, death and life

molten earth and New moon night’s starlight


When the call of crow and hawk shape-shift me

to fill my vision with what is seen in the far away

as I glide serene in the soar through the big blue


Where Heaven’s song calls her celestial enchantment

of harmony and bliss as I wing my way to her chant.

An open vessel. For the Holy Grail has found me at last




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mornin’… yawn and sippy that big ol’ cuppa Joe.  first day of Art Fair and the heat may… May ease up for those poor artists.  It’s a New Moon beginning early tomorrow in Cancer,  Here is a link to my favorite Astrology website giving some insight into this New Moon.  I think you can give it a click and get right on over there.


Moon Flower rising…

Dark night standing.

See what you want

from the inside out.

Pushing for release

of old habits that hold

hard to the lay it down

and the let it all go.


The body remembers

when the quake of want

shimmered and took

what it wanted in the

dark night’s hunger

Of the push to feel deep

coming together


It’s a dark night push

A New Moon rising

from the inside out

Give away the old habits

of lost yesterdays and

unknown tomorrows

Lay down with love

and let it all go

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HAIKU… aaaachooo to you

Why not look everyone right in the eye today… What do you see, feel, smell?   Can you get comfortable in the uncomfortable?  Have a good and glorious day…

arial photography

Breathe in the Silence

Hold your space in quietude

Let peace fill you up


Trust what you know IS

Listen beyond your senses

Love always calls you


Alchemy mixes

The unlikely blends to match

Impossible wins


Who knew but you knew

The flight of your heart’s distance

Perching on loves twig


Make your story up

Be the greatest story told

Cherish your goodness


Infinity laughs

Nothing is impossible

The joke is on us


Ha Haha Ha ha

Laugh it up because you can

Give no resistance


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Gamornin’… it’s frickin’ hot… in case you didn’t know… Ha..  I wish to laze on beach and play in the waves.  Oh..oops.  I have to work…Damn. Have a great day….

The Big Swelter of summer blaze

sears on for days and days

Drips of all us slide down breasts

and groin in the hot relentless

Waiting for the heat to break

it’s fever


Only sweat doesn’t feed the land

Suffocating dry leaches life

suffers the bloom of fruition for

a harvest giving up her feed

to wilt and death of drought

from Solar flare persist


And persist it will in this

Summer Swelter of 2012

when Earth finds her evolve

and global warming wails

her gloom at our insistence

of insidious taking.


And the drip of sweat slides

off our breasts and down our

groin, desperate to feed the land

anyway we can before nothing

is left for our pores to give

and the drink is gone


And the Earth rises up in

a tumble and roar to call forth

a shiver to shake us to our bones

in an upside down and goodbye

till the next time around finds

us all Awakened


Awake… Be Awake … Wake up


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Not portage lake… could be. pretend.

Laziness in this morning’s waking

Early mind invasion muffled with

deep breathing, that saves the a.m.

Seeking a deeper layer of REMs


Calling dreams to attention

for a sub-conscious slip in.

Always looking for the lucid

symbols in disconnection.


Sorting what didn’t get sorted

on that lazy boat ride anchored

in Portage Lake with a gaggle

of chirp and fluffed up feathers


Letting the sun and the big drink

hold to the peace of the day in the float

Intersecting minds lay gentle

a breeze of tender connection


Remembering what matters and

what doesn’t in the mix of lettuce

and bright red tomatoes in the

lemon zest of slick oil salted


It didn’t matter that the slide back

into deep sleep held no dreaming.

Of the tell of fortunes on a lazy lake

held in the vast Stargate of heaven.


Planets align as they may to say

what they will if we’re listening

to the heart beat of our Milky Way

ever ready to share it’s mystery


Living the dream in the float

of the big drink, under the sky

scape being the Sun’s companion

letting life hold me just right

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ALIEN INVASION… cross your fingers

view from airplane near Grand Canyon

I’ve been waiting for them …

could they be anymore alien

than you and me?


Appearances are misgiving

given an appearance can

give you a miss in the give


No matter what you think

you saw or see on the surface

is like any other story


you make up cause you can

and your brain needs you to

make sense of what you see


Make sense of all those feelings

struck in the awe of differences

and in Holy shit what is that?


We’re pretty alien if seen

from a certain perspective

I’m sure of that


They’re here. Always have been

only I want the space ships

and all the cosmic fanfare


with all the “oh My God”

and “It’s about time” and

“Look at that shit”,


Rolling off the lips of

the believers and the non-

believers cause their close now


Starfleet captains all hail

the way to Earth hovering

in the mystified zone


Hoping our limited 3D world

catches up for the receiving

Cause brothers and sisters


Their revelation is upon us

and my childhood stare and

wish out into the Universe


Is at last to be qualified and

quantified in the big Yippee

“They’re Here.”




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I thought I had profundities to share

A quick slick of words in a tumble

with a  Friday that comes to thirteen

and the jitter of superstition catches

a likely Solar Flare blast


If it can it will tingle your antenna

joggle your radio waves, over stimulate

your brain sense in a befuddlement

of ‘Did I really say that?” and has

early dementia cheesed my brain


Live in the metaphor and you’ll

ride this one out like all the rest of

the cosmic Alliance that pours halos

of Light for your enlightenment

giving a yippee for a few Solar flares


In an expletive of exclamation marks

with hope that some of us will ‘get it’,

in the meaning we are all together

on this pretty Earth, forgetting we

are All together, coo-coo-Cachu


My space-sub is electric blue

ready for take off when I really

believe it can, wearing my halo of

Light and Love beanie style cause

the whir of twirling love on top is cool


And I hope to be real cool as I

flare up with the Sun and let my

gaseous nature send me forth out into

the Cosmos in my little electric blue

space-sub all Light n’ Love eternal


and first…I need to hug a tree

Care to join me?








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there is pain in attachment.

the hope that outcome holds joy

and the journey embraces

all that is good for the heart


then a ‘no-go’ slams the heart.

the journey is held at bay

when the sea of feeling is

a tidal wave in your throat


and after the gag and swallow,

the sea pours out of your eyes

and the salty dry of them

lays white powder everywhere


you didn’t see the tsunami coming

there was no knowing in the chant

of the acappella  dissidence made

right in the wrong of it


that there is perfect to be found

in the imperfection of one ear

to the other ear singing as if

heart is the only matter


A salty white mask of death

requires a dive into the ocean

to wash clean rejection’s hurt

and leave attachment to the waves


In the ‘no-go’ that is gone

and a place for a new song to sing

is made fresh to the wind and sand

Where all is good under the heavens


And the heart has no fear of lonely

and all voice is for the giving

and receiving…




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