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WAT?  The last day of August.   Soon it will be the ‘Perfect’ full moon in Pisces at  9:58am.  Two hours from now.  Two full moons in one month =Blue Moon.  What ‘fullness’ do you feel?  How do you fill full your cup of life and pour it out?


Pisces invites you into a mystery, to feel and look beyond what the surfaces of life show you.  Flow into your deeper intuitive senses, allow what may feel unlikely, or too mysterious to have a few moments with you to see/feel if indeed it isn’t as ‘out-there’ as you might have considered, OR, it is too much and full of false hope and it’s time to let it go.  Follow your own discernment from your heart.    Dream the impossible into being.  Imagine your magic.

The swell of sleep fills me up

as the moon rises, leaving a

tower of glimmering light

across the lake.


I stand outside to receive

I inhale the night sky

deep blue caresses me


The moon beam shimmies

up my body bathes in light

Reminds that I am full


Perfect in my moments

when Light is my lead

and the patterns of nature


Claim me to the Earth

and Sky and I am

the Moon’s dance


Full up with myself

Giving Light across

the heavens and Earth


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I strained my eyes sleeping

morning… sippy the coffee… mmmmmm.  Road trip.  Off to Dease Lake, for weekend pleasure and retreat.  Gather the Big Ol’ Full ‘Blue’ Moon to my bosom and let it fill me up.   Tomorrow’s Full moon is at 9:58 am EST. in Pisces.  should you be curious, follow that link for more info. I’ll probably remind you tomorrow, cause I’ll probably be writing under it’s influence.

I strained my eyes in my sleep.

I felt the pull to see past my dreams

Past the magic of the SubConscious

wanderings of deep rest that give

to the flutter of REM’s


I strained my eyes searching.

Deeply seeking the Awakening

beyond the presence of wandering

dreams and stories seeking the

right symbols, in the Light to know


I strained my eyes looking

Looking harder to find what I

yearn to fill me up in the liquid

light of what I’ve always known

then forgotten seeking the return


I strained my eyes in my sleep

I feel the muscles taunt, tired

aching in the small glimpse

of memory’s renewal of Home

where peace passes all understanding


And the strain of living  separate

in the rolling of chaos clamors

at the edges of my sleep as I strain

to recognized the vibrating glow

where kindness has no restraint.










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‘I’m gonna let it SHINE…’

Remember that little song… “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”?  It’s been racing through my brain this morning.  

The subject of the; importance of solitude, has been circulating around me and I feel the necessity of it; the need to take quiet time and sit with the silence. Allow silence  to fill me and give me answers to the deep questions of my life.  Or to simply be present in a moment without external impute.  Allowing space between the spaces.

 I also feel the great pleasure in ‘shining my Light’ around,  and the pleasure of how that feels.  It’s getting the balance right, ya know?  Quiet, inner time, with the glory of Lightness and Joy,  spreading that around in the overt goodness and pleasure  of that.


I’m gonna let it shine

All that light and goodness

All that joy and love

Shine it right out to the world


I’m gonna let shine

Fill up on it in the silence

The quiet ingest of joy,

of Great Love and Light


I’m gonna let shine

inside and outside

gather it and give it away

The crazy 8 of Infinity


Gathered at the heart

no matter if it’s quietude

or the celebration with many

I’m gonna let it shine








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POOPY Pants…

Surrender to the frustration…  EEEEEkkkkk.  Computer is jammed up.  Flows like treacle.  AND, there is nothing I can do about it.  Cyberspace and technology take control.  I don’t even want to go there on any higher level.   BREATHEEEEeeee

I have sent for the ‘Clean My Mac’ troupes and am scanning the damn computer right now.


Pulling in to a peaceful place.  Letting the frustration go… Breatheeeeee some more goodness in.. aaaaahhhh. here it comes.

AND  SnowWhite…she ate it.  She did…

It says it’s all clean AND healthy

now. All tidied up and in order;

high enhancement is achieved.

Fluidity is restored, the ghost

of cyberspace in it’s vast

network of impossibilities

make for vast possibilities


Is this cleanliness next to

Godliness?  It IS All God

and Spirit and Goddess

and Source and Oneness

anyway.  Must be like it’s

born again with it’s little

baby butt all precious


and adorable.  All Mac’d

up and feeling the first

inhale of life ready to give

life a chance.  It’s changing

those cyber diapers that

fill up with cookies and

gooies files and bugs that

get ingested and pooped out


Digestion slows the whole

damn thing down and

poopy diapers need changing.

Babies poop a lot don’t they?

We’ll see how soon those

crapy pants fill up this time.

I’ll probably have to wipe it’s

butt again any minute.


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I feel my mother close

when the smell and the

sound of rain fills me up


Like this morning

as the rain drops give

to moist air and the


smell of sky blue and

green Earth meet, merging

their forces as I let the little


girl of me nestle next

to her and a calm holds

us close to the thunder


The steady fall of the rain,

a shower of goodness is

held to a loving memory.


I have her gift.  The love

of storms and the clap

of thunder and lightening.


The tease of rain on the roof

and in the summer running

with her through the wet grass


letting the warm rain drench

us in a giggle of pleasure.

Racing for cover in the strike


of lightening as it thrilled

me from toes to head in

a screech and reach for


mother’s hand racing

for cover in a gasp of

sheer joy.  God how I


love the rain, and

thunder, and lightening.

How I love my mother.




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I didn’t drown yesterday

in that pool of discard, a

garage sale vendor’s heap


Not to say that the swim

wasn’t nice, diving for

treasures in smelly boxes,


and tables of basement debris

hopeful for a new home, a

new beach to lay rest to.


When in the later of the day

a dip in the lake to wash

the jettison off my skin


To feel the real swell of moist 

under the Sun’s blaze,

with no reminisce of


anything other than the

deep of this lake and the

discard of mindless things


that crowd the pleasure of 



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WAT TIME IS IT?   GARAGE SALE TIME…….Yesiry that’s right folks, Saturday’s call to the flotsam and jetsam of other people somethin’ somethin over a cuppa the sippy da coffee.



Throwing it out to the sea of want

Overboard debris becomes other

people’s treasures.


The shore at the easements

of sign’s like a sirens call

to gather the spoils


Laid out for a junkers pleasure

A treasure chest of discard

begging to be taken home


The car fills with the chatter

of other peoples stories

from the sea of their lives


I must be careful not to drown


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