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1st of August… Summer  rolls on by in her heat.  The days are gone in a speed that is startling, and the good ol’ Be Here Now continues to push at me in proof of it being the best way to stay present in my moments.



The Light is not anymore bright

here than over there.

It’s not some angle that gives

it a better glow

Tho’ it might appear to be so


Lighten up is the way to go


It moves out in rippled row flight

in ease through my body

Light enters  into my everywhere

to fill up my cup

Light it calls me to give it up


Lighten up is the way to go


No space is dark where ever I go

in the give of Light

From the inside out and about

I feel the Light in the ever flow

My Light it goes where ever I go


Lighten up is the way I go


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