Happy Lammas and a giddy Full Moon to you…  This a lovely article on this Aquarian full moon.   and with this Full Moon I have a question for you;  How can you be more generous with others?  OK.. two questions.  How can you be more ‘full’ of self?

I dedicate this blog today to the life of Mary Lavin and the sadness of her passing this last week.  Wrapping arms around those who loved her deeply and unconditionally and who will miss her forever.  Laugh it up Mary where the heavens take you.  We miss you

Mary and Carol

I ‘stole’ this Hafiz poem from the site cause I love it.  My poetry follows.


We Are The Guardians of His Beauty — Hafiz

We are the guardians of His Beauty.
We are the protectors
Of the Sun.

There is only one reason
We have followed God into this world:

To encourage laughter, freedom, dance
And love.

Let a noble cry inside of you speak to me

Don’t just sit there on the moon tonight
Doing nothing –

Help unfurl my heart into the Friend’s Mind,
Help, Old Man, to heal my wounded wings!”

We are the companions of His Beauty
We are the guardians
Of Truth.

Every man, plant and creature in Existence,
Every woman, child, vein and note
Is a servant of our Beloved –

A harbinger of joy,
The harbinger of

~ Hafiz ~



Be Generous with yourself in the trials

of daily life laid out in lists of routine

and challenge.

The entrance of the unexpected that

savages a moment, blisters the mind,

sears the heart.

Find fullness in the deep breath

of where you are with a scored heart

weeping loss

Have all the feelings that possess you.

Avoidance lays harm to a journey

empty of living fully

Be generous with yourself Now

There is no place other than this moment

for your highest good

Creativity is in your heart waiting

for you to discover the magnificence 

of who you have always been.

Be generous with yourself.



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