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Hi … the weather report outside:  Sunny, heavy humidity rising, no breeze, the sound of  cars passing.  INside:  Sunny, reasonably warm n’ humid not rising, mindful inhales and exhales, deep pondering.

FYI… I have not lost my sense of humor, should you think I have.  Humor laces through my whole day, just not so much in the morning when sleep has left me in the wonder of my dreams and the early silence licks at my heart and mind.  It would be interesting to do this later in the day when the run of life and doing fills me up.  I believe my writings would be different, and then… maybe not.

It’s all a ‘happening’ here, just what ever rolls out of me and catches on the pages.  Like right now…

Star Gate in Hart Plaza

Pyramid to the sky speaking

Land laid to celestial call

Right downtown waiting

Follow the yellow brick road


Symbols are in your soup

You made that hot mess

or was it your Vichyssoise

hoping to be cool as cucumber

It’s your ‘soup’ so you eat it.


Questionable life ingredients

It’s all organic. You’re organic.

Chopping up morsels of truth

and adding segments of laughter

mincing course words hopefully


Stirring in some goodness

to cover that layer of judgement

you let sit on that oily slick

at the side of you pot.

You should have smoked that


Your story is in that soup

It’s not your first brew so

toss it if it tastes like shit

smells like shit, that makes it shit

dump it and gather better bits


What you put in your soup is

what you digest in life and is

it working for you? maybe you

veered off the golden bricks

and stumbled into non-eatables


Oh MY… The lion’s and tigers

and bears have something to

tell you so get to listening and

back on that sunshine path to

some goodness.


Your Soup needs you too





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