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9 august 2012   … 22(the fool)/4/13… 


A fools day.  Not necessarily a Foolish day, tho’ it could be.  Maybe a day to feel the pull of a gentle risk, or explore the unexpected more deeply.  Allow the touch of some magic the appears to rise in you or around … Maybe… do something you have wanted to and were unsure of the outcome.   Jump.


The rain fills my senses.

settles into my body 

with pleasure and peace.

Happy for the Earth


The brain is full.

I place it on pause 

for the slow down.

hearing only the 

rain tapping on

the hungry Earth


It’s not melancholy 

that licks at my edges,

nor the jitter of what

lays in wait to come

around the corners.

A simple peace of light

glowing, expanding.


Letting in the call

of ancient times

of what has always 

been known rising again

giving sense to these times

held tight waiting for

the timeless to return.


I settle into the rain

filling my senses

Inhaling it all in

the gratitude of being

fully present in this moment





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