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Howdy…. another peaceful morning here in the west side of Ann Arbor.   Slept for almost 10 hours.  WAT?  wow.  I was loving it.   Sinking into all that cool night air, all snuggly woggly in my bed, sawin’ some logs.   Meteor shower still active and the clouds make interference.   The new moon comes this Friday.  I’m gonna lay under the sky somewhere and wait for the wonder.  Maybe a few ‘star ships’ will glide pass my vision.  I can only hope.

Waiting doesn’t make the getting

here or there easy.

Waiting traps the present moments

in a story of a future yet to be.

Waiting for the better or the worst

of It, silences the here and now


You can wait forever in the clouded

vision of tomorrow in wish-felt thinking.

Busy in the hope of it all coming

with desires thrust for your wanting


Always in the want and desire

Lost to the want and desire

No notice to the pleasure of

what stands before you

In Love and Lightness


What are you waiting for?


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