Hey my readers.  If you know anyone that might enjoy my poetic ramblings, please pass them on.  I’m not so good at promoting my blog and I love responses and feed back.  And… if you know anyone that I might be interested in reading, please send them my way.  thanks!


Teasing  at the dull 

at those flat grey moments

of pointlessness doing

as the brain sags empty

in the colourless.

And the drone of void

sleeps the hungry mind

far away from the task.


Held to dollars and cents

that make boring the sense

of Creation’s sensual glory

When a float on the sea of life

calls for a deeper dive in

beyond that silky surface

and the shallows of weeds 

to a mermaid’s eminence 


Where the flat of dull is

awash in the lush of the deep

blue sea and sun light.

Bathed in the pull of the tides

to dwell in the ebb and flow

of feeling the sensual caress

of living exactly as desire has

called you into life’s moments.








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