25 years ago, I sat on beach in Traverse City, MI. to be ‘present’ in the moments of the Harmonic Convergence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonic_Convergence)  This site will give you the basics.  Go here… http://www.lawoftime.org/infobooth/harmonic-convergence-2012.html if you want to go Deep…

My desire was to gather in a global community of people that were ‘praying/meditating for peace’ for the Earth and us.  And for me, to ‘bridge’ the heavens and Earth with light and goodness.

It would be impossible to share the vastness of my journey these years and in this NOW, the pleasure of being In the NOW.

My prayer, my meditation, still gathers the deep wisdom of Love and the reminder …  that We are all One and it is the journey to the peaceful heart and Love, that will bring our differences together.  

Eternally, optimistic.  A true believer… Be the Love you have been waiting for.



You are the Oneness

Converge with the harmony

Sing the Light’s return


Sing the Light’s return

Tune with the song of your heart

Harmonize with peace


Harmonize with peace

Wait for No one, you are there

Light the fantastic


Light the fantastic

Make real  the impossible

You are magical


You are magical

Be fearless in your Lightness

You are the Oneness



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