New Moon in Leo.  .  Teri does a great job of speaking of the moon from an astrological point of view.  If you scroll down you will find what it says about this New Moon.  Enjoy  it all.



Let the Lion roar.

Ride his back to the Moon.

Seed the heavens

with your rainbow arch.


The new Creation

Is a vast as you can dream it.

It spills great Light

where shadow lays hidden.


Let the Lion roar.

Fill the heavens with your coming.

You are the Ones.

There is no more waiting.



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One response to “NEW MOON IN LEO

  1. Thanks for your visit. It prompted mine to you and I have enjoyed reading your poems. I also visited Teri, an uplifting experience 🙂
    Yes, we need the lion’s light in the world right now.


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