StarGate Detroit..

‘Star Gate’ Detroit


The heart of the matter

lays its alignment

on ancient sacred ground.

The Land hums and breathes

in the breeze of it’s becoming,

In the all around we hear


It calls us, the four sisters

to lay our magic down.

Signals to the directions

the elements that bind

and release, to set free

out of the shadows the light


Knowing everything

and nothing in the

all at once, is upon us.

Surrendering in the let go

Mystery woven of us to the stars

Calling us home


A heart beat at a time





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4 responses to “STAR GATE DETROIT

  1. laura

    Thank you for a majical day namaste. Laura
    Lets do it again soon. Namaste. Laura


  2. “Knowing everything and nothing………..Calling us Home!”
    Perfect, Beautiful, Heartfelt, I love you sister(s)! What a great day it was in Detroit!


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