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Katie’s Birthday… my niece.  Holy Moly…   Happy Birthday my Sweet Sweet girl.

Blessed be that little Sweetie

Baby girl all blond and pretty

Grew up to be so statuesque

A brilliant star in life’s manifest


I marvel still at her great quest

to be full of spirit and joyfulness

Unfolding in her own great way

Living life to it’s fullest every day


Here she comes all grown-up now

College bound, I try to wonder how

This glorious girl a  beautiful woman unfurled

Ready to meet the challenges of this wide world


Dearest Katie,  child of my heart

I’ve been with you from your very start

The gift of feeling this divine love for you

I honor your journey with gratitude


Where ever the wind and water take you

Of Earth and fire I will never forsake you

Cherished dear one making a Path your own

Remember your Source, you’re never alone


Happy Birthday Dear ONe.





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