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Autumns in the air my friends

He said stupid things.

My first word, “Idiot”

My blood did a seethe

It fled through me like

and angry army.

Slapping him on the

side of his head wasn’t

nearly enough.

Not nearly enough.


“Enough of that”, I say

as the day holds this

negativity, a bubble

of angry blood in me

moving my heart

when I joined into that

pulse of stupidity.

Giving back that darkness.


Enough of that entrapment

Enough of that shadow hold

of negative reaction seething.

Blast him with goodness.

Impale him on the light fantastic.

Let  forgiveness be the slap

on the side of his head.

And may he tumble into

a puddle of Love face first.


And if the Light doesn’t get him

and that snort of a Love puddle

doesn’t choke him all up.

I say stand back and imagine

him an unawakened soul

trying to find his way home.

And it’s OK to think he’s an

idiot, we’ve all been there.



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