I saw them both today in my minds eye

Aglow like angels, all haloed in

heavenly Light, an aura of

great love streaming out to me

from open arms.


The broad smile of my father

next to my mother, beaming

a radiance of Joy on my still body.

I received their Love in my quiet

space assured of the Ever Lasting.


Stillness brings these moments

to the beyond of Earth and Sky

Where we all meet again without

limitation in rainbows of light.

Call it what you will as your will be done.


I let my parents blaze me with Love

and Light and remembrance.

As they spill a sacred flame

to my Center, reminding me of

who I have always been


A child of Love and Light



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One response to “A CHILD OF LOVE AND LIGHT

  1. Jackie

    Beautiful Jeanne


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