I feel my mother close

when the smell and the

sound of rain fills me up


Like this morning

as the rain drops give

to moist air and the


smell of sky blue and

green Earth meet, merging

their forces as I let the little


girl of me nestle next

to her and a calm holds

us close to the thunder


The steady fall of the rain,

a shower of goodness is

held to a loving memory.


I have her gift.  The love

of storms and the clap

of thunder and lightening.


The tease of rain on the roof

and in the summer running

with her through the wet grass


letting the warm rain drench

us in a giggle of pleasure.

Racing for cover in the strike


of lightening as it thrilled

me from toes to head in

a screech and reach for


mother’s hand racing

for cover in a gasp of

sheer joy.  God how I


love the rain, and

thunder, and lightening.

How I love my mother.




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