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POOPY Pants…

Surrender to the frustration…  EEEEEkkkkk.  Computer is jammed up.  Flows like treacle.  AND, there is nothing I can do about it.  Cyberspace and technology take control.  I don’t even want to go there on any higher level.   BREATHEEEEeeee

I have sent for the ‘Clean My Mac’ troupes and am scanning the damn computer right now.


Pulling in to a peaceful place.  Letting the frustration go… Breatheeeeee some more goodness in.. aaaaahhhh. here it comes.

AND  SnowWhite…she ate it.  She did…

It says it’s all clean AND healthy

now. All tidied up and in order;

high enhancement is achieved.

Fluidity is restored, the ghost

of cyberspace in it’s vast

network of impossibilities

make for vast possibilities


Is this cleanliness next to

Godliness?  It IS All God

and Spirit and Goddess

and Source and Oneness

anyway.  Must be like it’s

born again with it’s little

baby butt all precious


and adorable.  All Mac’d

up and feeling the first

inhale of life ready to give

life a chance.  It’s changing

those cyber diapers that

fill up with cookies and

gooies files and bugs that

get ingested and pooped out


Digestion slows the whole

damn thing down and

poopy diapers need changing.

Babies poop a lot don’t they?

We’ll see how soon those

crapy pants fill up this time.

I’ll probably have to wipe it’s

butt again any minute.


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