‘I’m gonna let it SHINE…’

Remember that little song… “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”?  It’s been racing through my brain this morning.  

The subject of the; importance of solitude, has been circulating around me and I feel the necessity of it; the need to take quiet time and sit with the silence. Allow silence  to fill me and give me answers to the deep questions of my life.  Or to simply be present in a moment without external impute.  Allowing space between the spaces.

 I also feel the great pleasure in ‘shining my Light’ around,  and the pleasure of how that feels.  It’s getting the balance right, ya know?  Quiet, inner time, with the glory of Lightness and Joy,  spreading that around in the overt goodness and pleasure  of that.


I’m gonna let it shine

All that light and goodness

All that joy and love

Shine it right out to the world


I’m gonna let shine

Fill up on it in the silence

The quiet ingest of joy,

of Great Love and Light


I’m gonna let shine

inside and outside

gather it and give it away

The crazy 8 of Infinity


Gathered at the heart

no matter if it’s quietude

or the celebration with many

I’m gonna let it shine








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