I strained my eyes sleeping

morning… sippy the coffee… mmmmmm.  Road trip.  Off to Dease Lake, for weekend pleasure and retreat.  Gather the Big Ol’ Full ‘Blue’ Moon to my bosom and let it fill me up.   Tomorrow’s Full moon is at 9:58 am EST. in Pisces.

http://www.cafeastrology.com/thisweekinastrology.html  should you be curious, follow that link for more info. I’ll probably remind you tomorrow, cause I’ll probably be writing under it’s influence.

I strained my eyes in my sleep.

I felt the pull to see past my dreams

Past the magic of the SubConscious

wanderings of deep rest that give

to the flutter of REM’s


I strained my eyes searching.

Deeply seeking the Awakening

beyond the presence of wandering

dreams and stories seeking the

right symbols, in the Light to know


I strained my eyes looking

Looking harder to find what I

yearn to fill me up in the liquid

light of what I’ve always known

then forgotten seeking the return


I strained my eyes in my sleep

I feel the muscles taunt, tired

aching in the small glimpse

of memory’s renewal of Home

where peace passes all understanding


And the strain of living  separate

in the rolling of chaos clamors

at the edges of my sleep as I strain

to recognized the vibrating glow

where kindness has no restraint.










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