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WAT?  The last day of August.   Soon it will be the ‘Perfect’ full moon in Pisces at  9:58am.  Two hours from now.  Two full moons in one month =Blue Moon.  What ‘fullness’ do you feel?  How do you fill full your cup of life and pour it out?


Pisces invites you into a mystery, to feel and look beyond what the surfaces of life show you.  Flow into your deeper intuitive senses, allow what may feel unlikely, or too mysterious to have a few moments with you to see/feel if indeed it isn’t as ‘out-there’ as you might have considered, OR, it is too much and full of false hope and it’s time to let it go.  Follow your own discernment from your heart.    Dream the impossible into being.  Imagine your magic.

The swell of sleep fills me up

as the moon rises, leaving a

tower of glimmering light

across the lake.


I stand outside to receive

I inhale the night sky

deep blue caresses me


The moon beam shimmies

up my body bathes in light

Reminds that I am full


Perfect in my moments

when Light is my lead

and the patterns of nature


Claim me to the Earth

and Sky and I am

the Moon’s dance


Full up with myself

Giving Light across

the heavens and Earth


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