Windy Haiku on the Dease

Another glorious morning on the Dease… Big wind and eagles soar. Wood pecker pecks, and chickadees chickle, Finch are finching, and the wind takes the branches in a holler of green whips against the blue sky.  gorgeous.

Nature is amused

She bends tree branches to her

Leaves flutter giggles


Leaves flutter giggles

birds flit limb to limb dancing

A day of breezes


A day of breezes

Eagle catches windy tease

Soars into deep blue


Soars into deep blue

Clouds melt to a hungry sun

Wind gives no relent


Wind gives no relent

peaks glitter sun on water

Summer hears Falls call


Summer hears Falls call

Patterns in cycles repeat

Green hugs yet the leaf


Green hugs yet the leaf

Hold’s summers chime in the wind

She is not ready


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2 responses to “Windy Haiku on the Dease

  1. Linda Chapman

    I am not ready either, but your poem reminds me that in nature I can find all the nourishment I need… beauty and freedom, just around the corner, and here right now.


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