MICHIGAN… the Mitten’

Morning slipped away for the road trip home…


“the Mitten State”



Back roads of fields open to the sky

Garage sale signs litter the shoulder

Again the sirens of blue highways

chant their taunt and seduction


I manage to steer the old car

steady on the two lane,

breathing in the Summer’s

air call to Autumn


Farmland brings the season

to a quiet harvest.  Lack

of rain yellows trees and fields

early against the blue sky.


I know my Michigan.  Her

by-ways have called me

from north to south and

east to west for decades


Lake Huron to Lake Michigan

Ohio to Lake Superior

I slip myself into this Mitten

and snuggle my love here.


Grateful to hold my hand

up high and say..

“This is where I live.

This is my home.”



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