Daily Archives: 04/09/2012


gaMornin’…. did anyone else have disrupted sleep last night?… wheeeew. Every two hours, wide awake with one thought on my mind that did not need to reside so insidiously there.  Consuming, and impaling on my peace of mind.

and so…. these words find this morning

There is no pleasure in obsession

no matter the beauty that caresses

it’s edges or the illusion of truth

about it’s goodness.


Obsession finds holes in your

wholeness.  It teases its way

into you lack of self worth

Holds you hostage in the


fixation of it’s power and

is greedy in it’s take over.

Infecting the whole of you

in it’s insidious contortion.


The way out is to fill the void;

those holes of emptiness

with kindness and peace

in the remembrance that


You are enough as you are

Nothing and no one can

fill you up.


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