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The muse is musing and not always amused.  The ramblin’, amblin’ of the mind to far from it’s center can make for a

some strangeness and disregard for the amusement of some situations.  Can I chain myself to the Now?  mmmm. that is a new pondering.  eek.



Be here Now is busy re-calibrating

Calling the mind back from an

epic story with minimal truth

and little reason to hold that projection


A rupture has occurred with a call 

to witness the thought debris scatter

like Linus within a cloud 

of dirty emotional landscape


A powdery waste-land of old hurt 

all over the inner places of worth

and the “all about me’ pages so

easy to write on and give mind to.


The mind will forget the heart’s

wisdom in a grab for superiority

when the misunderstood, or frayed

truth of It seeks ownership.


Be Here Now is re-calibrating

Making witness to the pleasure of

this hold to heart that speaks to

yesterday is gone and tomorrow


Tomorrow is yet to Be and the 

matter of it all in the ‘matter’ of

it all is; grab the Peace train

and travel each moment with


a Light heart of gratitude

and throw your head back

in joyful abandon and give

a great laugh because you can


Be Here NOw… 


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