Mornin’… and today the morning sounds give to the garbage trucks making their way through the neighborhood.  Thank the Goddess that I threw out my ‘messy business’ and they are taking it away.  I put some emotional crap in that big old blue bin; betrayal, hurt feelings, expectations, old hurts, and dumped some more of my low self esteem and aging body issues in there to fill it right to the top.  “Take that too!”  I say I say.

I hear them taking it away and I’m feeling glad about it.  How crazy it that to be full of joy with the bang and clatter of the dump trucks?  “Begone you nasty negative thinking. Git you’re butt outta here.”


Betrayal gives a gift to

open arms with the heart

exposed in the wait for

loves flourish to enter


If not that it is a reminder

to remain open in that

state of care and sweetness

in welcome to the next possibility


Ward off the hard hit of

withdrawal to the sting of

perfidy that holds to amazement

the ache of yesterday’s wound


Allow the heart to hold to

the goodness felt before the

rupture bleeds out in wasted

longing unrequited


The feel good far out weights

the bruise of ego’s treacherous

mind games that lays raw

the glow of vulnerability.


When in the vulnerable tender

lives the open heart’s purity

of unconditional love struck

by the light ever lasting.


There is no betrayal there

Awash in the glow of pleasure

and care-fullness given freely.

Fear has no place in this place


Standing where you are

tingling with the gift of the

heart being open in the truth

that you are perfect love












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2 responses to “THE GIFT OF PERFIDY

  1. Jo

    Garbage truck is a week away for me! Maybe I could light a little fire? Love the poem.


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