ON BEING REALLY FUNNY.. oops, a banana peel

Welcome… 9th of Sept 2012.  Bridget’s Birthday!  Happy Birthday my Dear One, and from the looks of the rising day and the calm of the morning, anything can happen.   Like ‘anything can happen’ at any time.  RIght?   Why do I think that’s funny?  mmmm, yes well, when it’s your blog you get to say and feel what ever.   Oh dear, could this be another idle, disjointed ramble?  Why, Yes it could.  Stick around for a few more words and you decide.


I’d like to grab ahold of the humor train and hobo my way around and across that country of a good ol’ belly laugh and some serious ‘let’s be jolly.’  Morning gathers the more serious side of me.  The day unfolds and giggles rise and fall in the mingle of serious and not so serious.  And ya’ll know I mostly lay my words down in the morning with little prompt but from the, ‘whatever’ slithers and seeps into my mind and flows down to these nibble fingers.


I’m still a little cloistered around what it feels like to have someone I care for unable to speak their truth and dissolve into the wet fabric of life; careless of my feelings, thoughtless of their impact beyond themselves.  I work to not linger here to long and to find my glitter and glow of love and light and peace.  And… forgiveness from the inside out.


ya gotta laugh about that

On Being Really Funny


I was funny last night

between the spicy shrimp,

the cantaloup and the

glitter of jewelry.


I wouldn’t say super funny

or comedically funny,

maybe girly funny in a

silly sly smily sort of way


Really funny is relative

and maybe it’s your relatives

that think you’re funny

and no one else does


Hell, maybe you’re your

biggest fan and the belly

laugh is yours for the taking

without the join in of other


I was funny last night

like I said, somewhere in

the gobble of spicy shrimp

and slobber of juicy melon


Hanging silver jewelry

all over myself hootin n’

hollerin’ with friends.

Being fun. Being Funny


Being myself in the not

so seriousness of having had

a kick in the pants and a thorn

stuck at the edge of my heart


I’ll get to the funny of that

when I’m past the slice of it

cause there’s nothing funnier

than a good ol’ belly laugh


when you slip on a banana

peel of life’s giving and you

you feel foolish for not noticing

where you were laying yourself down


ya gotta get to laughin’ about that













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One response to “ON BEING REALLY FUNNY.. oops, a banana peel

  1. Jo

    Bloody briliiant. I hear ya.


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