Morning…. Question…  What would the ‘perfect’ world look,feel,smell, taste, and Be like?  If you haven’t thought about it seriously, why not join me in imagining it.  What would it be like for you?


My Perfect World


Peace and kindness, joy, celebration and Love in a world vibrant in fresh green 

and brilliant blue.  Life is a rainbow of color and delights.  

Any environment can be wished into being if you so desire it, and you will

travel there with a thought. (see more on this below)

Clear, clean water that pours down your insides and your outside with a feeling

of freshness  that whispers that all is well.  

Water is healing, flowing.  Nature is our nature if we choose that.


Earth is honored, cherished, and lived with as a loved family member.

Nurtured and caressed, seeded and fed, gathered in the arms of Love and respect

in accordance with equality and mutual agreements.

All the ‘kingdoms/queendoms of the planet are considered equally important.

There is no separation in a shared bio-diverse exchange of living together. 


Everyone is ‘awakened’ to their Love nature and know without doubt that they

are Divine and perfect exactly as they are. We see the Divine in everyone and

everything.  No one sees themselves as better then, more important than, less then,

anything or anyone.  There is no war, no competition, no hostility.  Differences

are accepted and welcome.  Nothing is diverse because we are already all diverse 

and in acceptance of that.   There is no fear cause fear can not live within the 

flow of Great Love and great Light.  Evil can not live in the embrace of Love.


We are all free to shape shift in to beings of Light, or whatever vehicle we choose, 

to travel the  Universe in whatever time line we want or dimension, and visit 

the many other expressions of Divinity in the Infinite. 

We have many ‘other’ galactic connection to explore and others to know.

If we prefer to linger at one of these ‘other worldly’ place we can. If we want we can

integrate ourselves into their experience and live as they do to see if this is a better fit

for our journey.  Nothing is impossible as long as Love is the motivation.

We are free to roam and celebrate our Infinite possibilities, continuing to Ascend

into greater and more evolved dimensions as it seems fitting.


I choose Love everywhere all the time.  My moments are as perfect as I believe them to be.

Where ever I am is full of goodness, well-being, joy, and a heart open to give and receive.

I fear nothing.




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  1. Perfect world indeed. Nice.


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