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Shape shifting into a new day.  I’m in the body of a very middle aged woman who’s eyes are all puffy from allergies.  I need not share with you the rest of what that body is.  Suffice to say, it’s more than operational. (I’m laughing right now)  Really, I am.  Attitude: terrific, glimmering on ridiculously good.  

The weather outside is divine.  Love the cool sunny mornings.  I inhale peace.


Peace smells like family meals

and friends potluck dinners

With laughter in abundance  and

Care-fullness around the celebration.


Peace smells like puppy breath.

A frolic of clumsy fur and paws

playing trampoline on your chest.

Licking and nipping wildly at your ear


Peace smells like a lovers whisper.

Wrapped in sheets tumbled by

hunger’s desire and the calm

of exhaustion laid to moist skin


Peace smells like mossy silence.

A cloudless day of blue through

a path of majestic White Pine.

The soft needles  kiss your face.


Peace smells like glittering Light

A shimmering eminence aglow.

The echo of the heart’s call to Joy

that rises beyond yesterday’s lament


Peace smells like a Full Moon night

Where darkness is filled with Light

And the communion is sacred to 

the sharing in the rise and set


Peace is found everywhere when

it’s allowed in.

Peace is in everything when

when you believe it

Peace IS when you want it





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