Sippy the coffee.  oh how I love the sippy.  I got a big deep, dark, French roast this morning.  Yum.  Love the smell of the grind and the sound of the crack and crunch on those little beans.  aaaahhh.

Well, the world according to this Geezer feels, looks, smells real darn nice.  No denying the push of autumn and the smell of life shifting on the surface as the push for final harvests calls.  Love the market this time of year.

So, yesterday had all kinds of Peace smells.  I could have and just might later, go on about more smells of Peace.

What about the texture of Gratitude?



The fiber of Gratitude is silk

thread strong, smooth as a baby’s

sweet butt, soft as the melt of butter

on toast.


The texture of Gratitude;

a jagged scar left from the

threat of life saved on the

edge of death call


The grain of Gratitude

humbles itself before the

shifting sea of life’s oceans

seeking a safe place to beach


The weave of Gratitude

tapestries a garment of

great sorrow and great

Joy on your shoulders


The surface of Gratitude

gathers All the great and

small; pushes deep into the heart

loves desire for the highest good


The filament of Gratitude

is seamless and sometimes

unseen.  Ever present to cast

hope out into the world


We are all strands of Gratitude

weaving a pattern of life in

the spaces between the spaces

Remembering what we are grateful for






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  1. Jackie

    Jeanne, I love this, I think it is one of your best.


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