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Good morning and Peace to you.

It’s very still outside this a.m.  A crow gives a caw and the morning  commute drones in the background.  I feel the yawn of the morning draw in my breath, filling me with oxygen, expanding my lungs and my mind.  Sometimes I throw my ‘mind’ out like a silver thread into the world to see/feel what I might catch on the edges of my consciousness.  This morning I don’t throw far.  I scan the short periphery and conclude that there is a mix of activity, mostly, a slow moving a.m. for many in the ‘get ready for the day’ .   There is a feel of anxiousness rising that might come from the knowing that once you ‘step out’ into the multitudes, energy multiplies and starts to zing and zoom. There is no getting away from it.   And, the way in, with, and around all that zap is to find your own peace.  Take what you need, engage what feels right, and dispel the rest.

Maybe, you remember the smell of Peace, or the texture of Gratitude.  Maybe, you decide to see/feel Love in everything.


There is no place that Love isn’t.

No absence in it’s abundance.

If you’ve seen it, felt it, tasted

or touched it in a single memory

that memory hungers to give and

receive Love over and over again.


The expanse of Love gathers

all the senses; a momentum

of pleasure and joy in celebration

of the simple act of it Being

fully present in your body

for all to feel and see


Love does not hold back.

How can the greatest motivator,

the greatest feeling, the greatest

Joy, and Love’s sublime sense of

pleasure beheld back?

Back from what?


If you believe in Love in the

unconditional sacred pulse of

Love’s distillation in one small

thing, then you know Love.

Can you allow your heart to

be wide open to receive?


Let Love awaken you.






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