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I decided to write later in the day today.   Rather than the get up, feed pets, make coffee, sit n’ write, like I usually do.  I let the day take me along it’s travels.  A little garage saling that had no treasures, (how can that be?)got my hair done.  Whopppeee.  Did some grocery shopping, and soon, I will be getting a massage.  ooooooo… yes.  Some self care this day.

I woke up with the idea of ‘curve’.   And the word ‘curve’ has been swimming around in my brain all day.  I have no idea what to write about it and… I will write right now.


She threw him a curve ball

It through him off balance


He just made the curve going 45

He was damn lucky


She’s all luscious and curvy

A real Hot mama


He knew it would be a high learning curve.

He welcomed the challenge


She knew there was a curve in the road

She sped up to greet it


He curve his mouth in a sardonic grin

It sent a chill up my spine


The curve of the Moon made me want to swing

As high in the starry night sky as I could


The snake curved like an ‘S’ across the sand

Slithering in a race to get to the tall grass


The curvature broke the steady, straight line.

My eye found the architecture disturbing.


Do I curve left or to the right?

Which path will I take?


I’ll curve back around

I don’t want you to miss this


I held the curve,

Around and around on the ice I went


He’s got curves where curves aren’t meant to be.

He’s doin’ his woman thang.


I ate something kinda curvy.

I feel twisted inside


Have you got you’re curve goin’ on?

I curved into the dance like a dervish.

No more curves for me.  I’m straight

Curve this.








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