The Ides of September.  How time illusively flies when I’m noticing. All I really want is timelessness and to galavant across the Universe in my stream lined Blue light.   Visit a few Galactics and sip on some rare, fruity nectarine whilst  discussing the Infinite.  I don’t think that is tooooo much to ask.  The days are getting closer for that.

Anyway… in the Now, the blue light is from a glass vase hit by the Sun, glowing on the TV screen.  Very pretty emanation.  Maybe I’ll just lay in that light and call it a pleasant voyage.  Dream a variety of truths into being.

Let’s imagine…

What truth would you wish into being?  What colour is the Light that calls out to you?  What does it feel like when you let that light wrap itself around you?



It’s not like I hear the call

I am the call. Wandering

wondering from where I

come from catching what

lies in the echo of my soul.


It’s not like voices in my head.

Tho’ they come with an invite.

A sweet reverie of chant to the

Centered peace of  the balance

held to this hearts quest.


Home is where the heart is.

Right here singing, being

the call beyond Earth’s limitation

and gravities pull that my soul

yearns for in this song.


I sing this everyday as it resides

in my cells. My DNA shifts to

meet it in the new construct of

change unfolding in Earth’s

beautiful Light evolving.


And so it is as it will be.

As the story unfolds as it does

Getting what we ask for in

choice of things to be or not

hearing your call from your soul.






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One response to “YOUR SOUL-FULL CALL

  1. Jo

    Mine’s red, dangerous but all engulfing. Nice read, thanks.


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