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Here it is, almost 10pm and my fingers and mind have not danced across these pages.  I was lost in my day and letting the writing ritual pass, suddenly, I think to myself.  Dang.. I have yet to lay words here.

So.. here I am as 10pm passes into 10:01 and my need to bring together this day in this way calls me.

I watched a recording of Barbara Walter’s “Heaven: Where is it?  How do we get there?”  So many religious/spiritual expressions of Heaven.  It provokes my own feelings and thoughts about it.

I choose Heaven in the likeness

of joy, laughter, Love, Light and goodness

I choose Heaven to be where I am


My heaven is on the inside of me.

I can choose to experience it in any

given moment at any given time


I can shift my thinking, my attitude

to embrace what I imagine is Peaceful

tender, compassionate with a breath


There is not a time I can not be

in Heaven no matter what kind

of Hell struggles for survival


No amount of ravage, despair,

illness, plight, can keep Heaven

from me in my allowing of it


I choose the shake of the dice

Sitting in the turbulence of

life’s stormy upheaval.


And when those dice fall

I know without looking that

I have laid the best of it on the table


My Heaven is merely a thought away

A breath away, my own personal

self proclaimed infinite glory.


Heaven is what I make of my

good living.  Heaven is here

now, Heaven is here.  Heaven is.



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