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Let’s talk Good News.  Not old poopy news.  Not all the drama of the ‘News’ that wants to grab us and drag us down into negative thinking and feeling.  I’m not having ‘my-chain-pulled’ by what I can’t do anything about.  Nor, do I wish to risk the pleasure of holding peace as a primary way to good living.  REally… I’m of the mind it is the only way to live and make the world a better place.  I can handle the being called a Peace-Nic, or an Old Hippy, or any number of slanged out jargon that prompts Peace n’ Love.  I’m Good with that.  Good NEWs.

More good new; I’m breathing… Still.  Not worried if I stop.  The Sun’s shinning and the sky has all kinds of business floating around in it, that looks fluffy and restful.  I can imagine the lovely drift of that carpet ride over the Earth n’ Sky.

Good News:  The greatest niece in the entire known world is going to be here any minute and That is some kinda Joy.



Choice gives a thumbs up on Joy

Compassion is hogging center stage

Laughter has a lot of nerve to fill me up

Kindness let’s the heart feel Big in giving

Love is in every inhale pushing the light on in

Light continues to shine everywhere


The Good News is we can end all war.

Inside and out if you believe you can.

End your inner war and make peace

with yourself so peace finds it’s way in

to the core of your Light in other’s eyes.

That is some damn good news.



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