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Today’s Good News.  “If you believe it you will see it.”   I believe that Peace, Joy, LOve, LIght, and Laughter is my Divine right.  I will see it everywhere today.  Likely, I will be challenged by that little niggly wiggly bit of myself that doesn’t fully believe.  And… in that moment, I’ll  imagine something full of love and goodness to fill me up, chasing all those lies away.


Setting sun on a Blue Moon rising

It doesn’t matter how we got here

to this place that challenges our

kindness, and goodness, our

Peace and our Joy.


It doesn’t matter in the matter

of things cause matter has a life

span on this Earthly realm.

It comes, it transforms, it dies off


In the ‘matter of fact’ of being,

the fact is that matter changes

from one energy form to another

into a great mystery of it’s where’bouts


We’re here full bodies of matter

held to gravity and duality

facing our dark and light

with choice to what really matters


As a matter of consequence

The action of Love and Joy

make a difference.  Kindness

makes a difference in the 


Matter of how you get your

facts to fit you choices.  I choose

the gentle Path of Laughter, Fun

Love and peace… That’s what matters to me



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