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Somethings you hear before they come;   a storm, a train, geese in flight.  Somethings you feel/sense are coming:  a change in weather, the silence that quivers around you, the shift in a loved ones posture, an unexplained knowing that pushes at you from the inside out.


Senses,….: they work to give you information, they arouse the finite expressions of the world around you, they remind you of the unseen that interfaces with what is seen, heard, smelt, felt, touched, and that sense that has no name but 6th, that lives in the irrational world, or so it said, that your heart and soul simply knows.  It knows beyond a shadow of a doubt.


Somethings are coming:  calling to you, sliding into your dreams, fluttering in you heart, teasing your brain matter, giving question to choices you make, dancing on the edges of a new reality, slipping visions of a better world the way you imagine it to be, asking you to stand aside from fear; find forgiveness, seek only love, be the best self you can be.


The thing is… is that all that is already here waiting for you to ‘believe’ it.  It has no mystery, or magic component, no devious agenda, no fear based mongering, no buying or selling or bulling you into it.  It is everywhere all the time sharing space with what seems it’s opposite: fear and darkness.  Love and Light.  Love and LIght….You get to chose.


You GET to Chose how you sense the world around you.  Really… I mean it.  I’m not kidding.  Honest…



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