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Good morning… In the early days of this blogging process, my laying the poems down before I read email or did any surf-siting/citing/sighting, I think my poems were different.  Of course I expected them to be different as time flew by and this daily practice shifted and unfolded;  I, unfolding into it and finding my ‘voice’.  A lot has shifted in the last 548 days and I’m moving with The Shift.  And I feel that I like what happens before I step into my day, filling up on news and emails, and ‘stuff’.  It can be good for a little prompting to stir the writer’s muse, and it can slip me away from the innocence of morning’s awakening and the feel of the world in that quiet, unencumbered way.

For you writer’s out there, what works for you?




Let the day unfold

Allow the morning to breathe

Listen to the calm


Leaves flutter in wind

They giggle with the Sun rise

The wind loves their song


Settle into yourself

Stand on open ground breathing

You are One with Earth


Risk meeting all eyes

Look deep beyond what you see

Let your heart open


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